Suzan Drummen (1963) grew up in a devout Catholic family. Her father was also a visual artist who produced many religious images for churches. There are always beautiful stained glass windows with bright colors in the church, which left a deep impression on the young Drummen and even inspired her later artistic creation.

Although Drummen never considered her works to be religious art, they do have a deeper spiritual meaning beyond their beauty. Since ancient times, many cultures have invariably made patterns and organized colors in various ways. Just like a child arranging a team of colored pencils in the order of the rainbow, Drummen sometimes consciously makes something that makes no sense, only to later discover that it actually connects with the greatest thing of all - even though she sometimes couldn't understand it herself, she became increasingly convinced that there was a deeper meaning - life itself.

Susan Drummen creates large-scale installations with shiny materials. They are carefully placed on the floor with precision. After an exhibition, the installation is usually dismantled and a completely new work constructed elsewhere, so that all that remains are the documents. Therefore, she always takes a lot of photos, which are very photogenic. However, Drummen was sometimes frustrated that the photographs never fully captured the work's true appearance. These installations are dazzling, and photographs can only show one dimension. To enhance the photos, she digitally manipulated some of them, placing part of the photo eight times in a circle in a kaleidoscopic manner, then adding stained glass and lenses to the kaleidoscopic images for an added touch. The glass and lenses interact with the light, shimmering as the viewing angle changes, sparkling like the original installation, beautiful even in the dark, and the gleaming stones appearing brilliant as the morning light turns brighter.

Drummen has a diverse art education background and studied at well-known universities such as Rijksacademie van Beeldende kunsten and Kunstacademie Maastricht in Amsterdam. Her works have been exhibited in important exhibitions around the world, including the Rotterdam Art Fair, Chengdu Biennale, Japan Mori Art Museum, etc. She has also participated in many public art commissions and designed commemorative coins, medals, museum merchandise, and more. In addition to her creative work, Drummen is a passionate educator and promoter of the arts and has served as a lecturer at several art colleges and institutions. She is actively involved in various artistic activities and community work, and has served as a member of several art committees, including the Royal Art Award and BKVB. Her work is in the collections of many important institutions, including the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, the Bonnyfontein Museum in Maastricht, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Central Museum in Utrecht, Europe The Brussels Office of the Parliament and more other institutions.
蘇珊・德魯門(Suzan Drummen,1963)成長在一個虔誠的天主教家庭中,父親也是一位視覺藝術家,為教堂製作許多宗教圖像。教堂裡總是有美麗的彩色玻璃窗,顏色鮮豔,這給小德魯門留下了深刻的印象,乃至啟發了她後來的藝術創作之路。




德魯門的藝術教育背景豐富,曾就讀於阿姆斯特丹的Rijksacademie van Beeldende kunsten和Kunstacademie Maastricht等知名學府;她的作品曾在世界各地的重要展覽中展出,包括鹿特丹藝博會、成都雙年展、日本森美術館等。她也參與了眾多公共藝術委託項目,設計了紀念幣、勳章、博物館商品等。除了創作,德魯門還是一位熱情的教育者和藝術推廣者,曾在多所藝術學院和機構擔任講師。她積極參與各種藝術活動和社群工作,並擔任過多個藝術委員會的成員,包括荷蘭皇家藝術獎與荷蘭國家藝術基金會。她的作品受到許多重要機構的收藏,包括羅特丹博伊曼斯·范·勃寧根博物館、馬斯特里赫特邦尼方登博物館、阿姆斯特丹市******物館、烏特勒支中央博物館、歐洲議會布魯塞爾辦事處等十餘個機構。
Suzan Drummen
2023 成都雙年展,中國
2022 個展TAC,臨時藝術中心,埃因荷芬,荷蘭
2021 拓荒者隊(Trailblazers),阿姆斯特丹皇宮,荷蘭
2017 森美術館,東京,日本
2021 藝術倉庫博物館(Boijmans van Beuningen),鹿特丹,荷蘭
2019 停車場永久藝術裝置,阿珀爾丹,荷蘭

收藏:博伊曼斯・范・博寧恩美術館(鹿特丹)、邦納芬特美術館(馬斯特里赫特)、揚・庫寧中心(奧斯)、多梅因美術館(西塔德)、ABN AMRO藝術收藏、海倫市畫廊、博姆・范・達姆美術館(韋恩洛)、歐洲議會(布魯塞爾)、阿姆斯特丹學術醫學中心藝術收藏、范德格林滕收藏、烏德勒支中央美術館、阿姆斯特丹市立美術館、萊利斯塔德省政府大樓、馬斯特里赫特學術醫院、ABP海倫、荷蘭皇家航空公司藝術收藏、百貨公司藝術收藏、拉博銀行(蒂爾堡)、拉博銀行(扎沃勒)、拉博銀行(丹布斯)、荷蘭國家藝術服務。
2020 Residency at Sundaymorning EKWC, artist-in-residence centre (Europees Keramisch Werkcentrum) Oisterwijk, the Netherlands
2016 BKE and BKO (= research and exam program for higher education)
2015 Englisch course
2006-2006 Higher learning teacher-training course
1990-1991 Dutch Institute in Rome
1988-1990 Rijksacademie van Beeldende kunsten Amsterdam
1987-1988 Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht
1982-1987 Kunstacademie Maastricht (painting and monumental design)

2024 Art Rotterdam ( GoMulan Gallery)
2024 'Round' Solo exhibition GoMulan Gallery Amsterdam
2023 Chengu Bienale Chendu China
2023 'Wervelingen' Het Kunstgemaal Bronkhorst
2023 'Plooien in tijd' De Boterhal Hoorn
2022 Solo exhibition TAC (Temporary Art Centre) Eindhoven
2021 Solo exhibition Bagagehal Loods 6 Amsterdam
2021 Septembergras Akerendam Beverwijk
2021' Trailblazers' Royal Palace Amsterdam
2020 'Color up' in LUMC (Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum)
2020 'Flying free' Group in Curch in Culemborg
2019 'Who knows where the white went' Arti et Amicitea Amsterdam
2019 Het Kunstgemaal Bronkhorst
2019 Given Space with Jan Theun van Rees, Bagagehal Loods 6 Amsterdam
2018 BIG ART Amsterdam
2018 Escher in the Palace with Christie van der Haak Den Haag
2018 Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag festival Analoog patterns
2018 MIRproject Amersfoort2018 Crossing Colours Kunsthal 45 Den Helder
2017 Mori Art Museum Tokio Japan
2017 'Schakelen' Kunstgemaal Bronkhorst
2017 Art Dubai2017 'KLEUR' Installation in De Meerse Hoofddorp
2017 Floor installation Dalian China
2015 Art Festival Museum Sjarjah, United Arab Emirates
2015 Code Rood installation in a little Chapel, Arnhem
2015 'Art Route 15', Installation Plateau Margraten
2014 Floor installation Willem 3 Vlissingen
2014 Public library Amsterdam 'I Am not doing anything until I feel the need'
2014 De Nederlandse Bank Amsterdam 'I Am not doing anything until I feel the need'
2014 Galerie Phoebus Rotterdam Dresserproject
2014 Exhibition together with Christie van der Haak Galerie Maurits van der Laar
2014 Chinese New Year Installation in Hong Kong
2013 CBK Emmen, with Anneke Walvoort
2013 Re-Rotterdam, with De Passages
2012 Large floor installation, Sociale Verzekeringsbank Amstelveen
2012 'Art Route 12', Margraten Plateau
2012 'Kunst4kids', Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam
2012 'Beyond Beauty', Museum Valkhof Nijmegen
2011 Wall drawing, New Vide Harlem, curator Moritz Ebinger
2011 'The spirit of the House', group exhibition at Lisa Couwenbergh
2011 'Small things', CBK Amsterdam, with Mieke Marx
2010 'Extraordinary', Westfries Museum Horn
2010 'Shimmer' AKKUH, Current Art Hengelo
2010 Lighten Up, 2 Bagagehal Hangar 6 Amsterdam
2008 Glocal Affairs, Timmerfabriek Maastricht
2008 Reverse engineering the Space Foundation RC, Ijmuiden
2008 Art from here to yonder, with Kunstenlab Deventer
2007 Coming home for Christmas, Arts Centre Signe Heerlen
2007 Lighten Up, Bagagehal Loods 6 Amsterdam
2006 North Holland Biennale, Museum Waterland Purmerend
2006 'Masterpieces' Glass Exhibition, Glass Museum Schiedam
2005 Large wall installation, Art Amsterdam
2005 Large solo exhibition, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim
2005 Gist Gallery, Brummen
2004 'Define Yourself Definitions of Space', with Kunstenlab Deventer
2003 'Microscopium', Gist Gallery, Brummen
2003 Art Rotterdam
2002 'Telescopium', Kunstverein Wilhelmshaven, Germany
2002 The Presentation, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
2000 Wally Wall projection, Amsterdam
2000 Mauerschau Bagagehal loods 6, Amsterdam
1999 Gallery Akinci, Amsterdam
1999 KunstRAI, Amsterdam
1998 Axis New Church, The Hague
1998 Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Hague
1997 Chicago Art Fair, Chicago, USA
1996 Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht
1996 Galerie Akinci, Amsterdam
1996 Chicago Art Fair, Chicago, USA
1995 Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany
1995 Galerie Akinci, Amsterdam
1993 Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany
1993 The Waag, Leiden
1993 Exchange 2 Shedhalle, Zurich, Switzerland
1993 KunstRAI, Amsterdam
1992 De Gele Rijder Exhibition, Arnhem
1992 Im Augenblick KX / Art auf Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany
1992 Municipal Art Acquisitions, Fodor Museum, Amsterdam
1992 Gallery Wanda Reiff, Maastricht
1991 '6 Artists Prix NI ', Galerie Nouvelles Images, The Hague
1991 City Gallery, HeerlenArt

Commissions (in public space)
2024 Design of a commemorative coin Ministery of Finance
2024 Design of a medal called a jewelery medal
2023 Artwork in edition for museum shop Depot Boijmans van Beuningen
2022 Maquette for Depot Boijmans van Beuningen
2021 Installatie Depot Boijmans van Beuningen
2019 Opdracht in Parkeergarage Apeldoorn, 280
2021 Museum Depot Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam
2019 Design in a parking garage, 280m2 photoprints
2018 Coin design and realization, theme Fanny Blankers-Koen Ministery of Finance
2018 Design for a wall in Kralingen Rotterdam
2017 Coin design Ministery of Finance
2016 Five walls 5 x 10 meters in Miami USA
2016 Hanging Sculpture aluminum 3x6meters Poland
2015 Artwork in wedding room, town hal Almelo
2013 Design artwork IKC Zuidas Amsterdam
2013 Design artwork Amerikaplein Margraten
2013 Design artwork Town Hall Zeist
2012 Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam (75 small artworks for 'Kunst4kids')
2011 Public school SBO Leidsche Rijn (design for patio and hall)
2010 Public building ‘de wachttoren' Leiden (monumental work with glass and wall painting)
2010 Spaarnwoude Park (sculptural object, 5 hammocks)
2009 Theatre ‘Veder’ Amsterdam (wall work with photos and logo)
2009 5th Montessori Amsterdam(design school playground + educational project in collaboration with Mieke Marx)
2008 Atrium Hospital Heerlen (30 photos + 30 round glass objects)2008 Art route Deventer (underwater work)
2008 Walvisvaardersbuurt Zaandam (30 convex mirrors + 60 coloured circles)
2007 Alphen aan de Rijn (design railway tunnel)
2007 Splatsj Kunstgebouw Zuid-Holland (artwork for primary schools)2006 Nieuwegein (design underpass, 80 photos and lighting)
2006 Town hall Hof van Twente (design rugs for the council)
2005 Ministry of Finance (design for commemorative coin € 5, - and € 10, -)
2005 Town hall Zutphen (entrance hall, dome mirror, windows and flat roof)
2004 Factory Deventer (participation 'Define Yourself' with glass installation)
2004 Ministry of General Affairs in The Hague (design for large wall work)
2003 Westerweelschool Amsterdam (2 barriers with solid glass bars and 20 windows with 500 diamonds)
2003 Oosterlicht College Vianen (giant mirror with frame + kiosk + text)
2003 Healthcentre Nieuwendam Amsterdam North (70 'diamonds' on the facade)
2002 Primary school in the Tweemaster Lisse (60 flagpoles and flags)
2002 Amsterdam Hortus Tunnel (cabinets with mirrors)
2001 Elementary Hague(partial assignment in collaboration with Marieken Verheyen, pictures of dream room)
2000 Eastern Docklands Amsterdam (design playground and fencing)
1998 Town hall Oegstgeest (large painting for wedding hall)
1998 Water Supply Company Limburg Maastricht (design on water)
1998 RIOD Amsterdam (four glass doors)
1997 Leiden (design artworks in 10 blocks)
1996 Rabobank Netherlands (multiple 2 x 50 acrylic on wood)
1996 The Parent Project (multiple 35 pieces acrylic on wood)
1994 Java Island Amsterdam (outside design assignment)
1995 Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Hague (ceiling and wall painting)
1994 Academic Medical Center Amsterdam (lithographs for ‘grafiekmap’)
1994 St. Luke Hospital Winschoten (table)
1993 Bronovo Hospital in The Hague (ceiling fresco)
1993 Commenius College Uden (sandblasted glass wall in the school auditorium)
1992 Private commission Maastricht (painting)
1991 Province House Lelystad (design sandblasted glass facade in conferencehal)

Private collections
Paintings, drawings and works on wood purchased by various private collectors in Holland and abroad.

Public collections
Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam
Bonnefanten Museum Maastricht
Jan Cunen Centrum Oss
Museum Het Domein Sittard
ABN AMRO Kunstcollectie
Stadsgalerij Heerlen
Museum Bommel van Dam Venlo
Europees Parlement Brussel
Kunstcollectie Academisch Medisch Centrum Amsterdam
Collectie Océ van der Grinten
Centraal Museum Utrecht
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Provinciehuis Lelystad
Academisch Ziekenhuis Maastricht
ABP HeerlenKLM Kunstcollectie
Kunstcollectie Bijenkorf
Rabobank Tilburg
Rabobank Zwolle
Rabobank Den Bosch
Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunst

2010 Book: ‘suzan drummen’ Text Contributions: Frank Lisser and Roel R A Visser
Design: Monique Wijbrands
Format: 20x27cm, 96 pages, sewn, stitched, in full color.
1990-2015 Various catalogs, including Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Heerlen City Gallery, ABN-Amro art collection, Academic Hospital Maastricht
1990-2015 Various articles in NRC Handelsblad, Volkskrant, Museum Journal, Metropolis M, Kunstbeeld magazine, Mr.. Motley, Art Forum
1991 Book: "inside paintings' Heerlen Stadsgalerij 1990

Films + media
2012 Film by Inge Pollet, 'Place Making'. For Valkhof Museum
2012 Film by Jan Wieger van de Berg, Besiendershuis Nijmegen
2011 Film by Quentin Largouët and Tanguy Mali Bert, Sterenn Films' documentary series about urban arts in Europe for French television.
2007 Film by Art Building North Holland
2003 Film by Hermy Ruivenkamp for AT5 Amsterdam
2000-2012 Short interviews with regional TV: Amsterdam, Hengelo, Nijmegen

2003-2021 Lecturer in Fine Art Academy Minerva Groningen
2018-2020 Lecturer in Fine Art Royal Academy The Hague
2017 Educational project Art Dubai Dubai
2010-2015 Lecturer Visual Arts MK start Amsterdam
2008-2012 Lecturer Visual Arts Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam
2010-2011 Lecturer of Fine Arts St. Joost Academy in Den Bosch
1997-2003 Lecturer Visual Arts Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam
1996-1997 Teacher Frank Mohr Institute (Master) Groningen

Guest lecturer
MKstart AmsterdamUtrecht School of the Arts
Royal Academy of Art in The Hague
Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam
Academy Minerva Groningen
Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht

Other activities
2018 Lecture in 'Escher in het Paleis' Den Haag
2016 - 2017 Member HKU Price Utrecht
2015 Exchange project - one week of teaching at Northumbria University Newcastle England
2014 Research and visit to Hanoi for cooperation art projects in Hanoi Vietnam
2014 Exchange project - one week of teaching + lecture at Northumbria University Newcastle England
2013 Research for cooperation art projects and visits to art academies in Newcastle, Dublin, Edinburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York
2012-2013 Art commission project leader and student coach, UMCG
2012------- Artist in Residence one month stay in Besiendershuis Nijmegen
2011------- Educational Art Project with Mieke Marx and CBK Amsterdam
2009-2012 Art commission project leader and student coach, Menzis
2008-2013 Member, Commemorative Coins Art committee, Ministry of Finance
2006-2012 Monthly 'Volta' meetings
2004-2012 Forum participation / lecturing
2003-2015 Leader of student presentations, projects, workshops and excursions
2006-2012 Creative workshops for children
2009-2011 Member, committee for individual grants, BKVB LIVE
2008-2009 Member, Art Committee, 'George Verberg Stipendium'
2007-2008 Member, exhibition committee Kunstvereniging Diepenheim
2005-2009 Co-developer of new curriculum for Visual Arts, Academy Minerva, Groningen
2002-2007 Member, art committee, Royal Awards for Painting
2006 ------- Lecture, Work In Progress Evening ('WIPE')
2005 ------- Lecture, Art Association Diepenheim
1998-2001 Member, committee for individual grants, BKVB