Roaming the Netherlands 荷蘭散散步
Group exhibition of Jim Harris, Mari Stoel, Stella de Kort 吉姆・哈里斯、馬里・史鐸、史黛拉・德科特聯展
The Netherlands is the home of the great artist Vincent van Gogh and also a country renowned for art and design. We are very pleased to invite three well-known artists from the Netherlands to hold a group exhibition, and take us to roam the Netherlands.

Jim Harris is at his best when painting outdoors. He has been "recording" time outdoors for many years, and his works are full of impressionism and expressionism. The reflections in the water under his brush are vivid and lively. Seen from a distance, they are the shadows of the clouds and the sky, but up close, they are ingenious and appropriate colors and composition. Harris’s "Coulissen" landscape outlines the light and shade in the distance like clouds and flowing water. From the canvas, we seem to see him trying to capture the trace of time in a short window.

The works of Mari Stole show the development of his style from figurative to abstract in the past fifteen years. Like Harris, he is inspired when painting outdoors. His brushstrokes are full of power, and his smooth lines make us feel the wind lingering among the leaves, smell the cool air in the summer park, enjoy the enthusiasm of the sun and the dynamic atmosphere.

Stella de Kort also loves to trace things outdoors. The unique sensitivity, concentration and patience of female artists make her paintings full of detail and intriguing humor. In the paintings she created for the historic Cafe of Schouw in Rotterdam, you can see her excellent ability to tell wonderful stories with her pen.