As above, so below; as within, so without 如其在上,如其在下;如其在內,如其在外
Duo exhibition of Rob Bouwman & Pascal van der Graaf 羅伯・包曼&帕斯卡・凡德葛瑞夫聯展
The title is a paraphrase of the Emerald Tablet. The tablet states the author as the god Hermes Trismegistus. The paraphrase has become an often cited motto among occultists, esotericits, but can also be found in eastern philosophy. There are many interpretations to this paraphrase. It can be understood as the universe being mirrored on itself on all levels. This is the first group show of Rob Bouwman and Pascal van der Graaf. They have been friends for over 20 years and we are very happy to show their paintings together. Both artists have a strong spiritual connecting as it comes to making art.

When we look at the paintings of Rob Bouwman (black belt Taekwondo) it’s hard to imagine that these are paintings. The illusion and detail is like a computer generated image. So how are the paintings created? By touching the paint on the surface and by slowly moving it around with intervals. This may seem easy but it’s not. One has to master their movements like martial art. As above; the mind, so below; the body.

The paintings of Pascal van der Graaf seem to be soft like silk and pliant. But in fact they are rock solid. The paintings were soft and pliant in the beginning because the artist uses canvas which he folds and folds until the artist experiences harmony. The state of being corresponds to what the artist sees. As within, so without.