Stella de Kort 史黛拉・德科特
Stella de Kort (b. Amsterdam, 1987) studied at Gerrit Rietveldt Art Academy in Amsterdam. She was nominated for the Strabag Artaward in Vienna 2016 and won the Fiep Westendorp Incentives Awards prize in 2015. Her work is published in many papers and magazines and preserved by several collectors such as Museum Lam in Lisse (Netherlands.)

Stella de Kort is the definitive drawing artist (pur sang.) Her modus operandi is detailed chaos and the attempt to get a grip on it. It is in the jumble of things in which she creates a new and unique kind of order, in which she is not concerned with perspective, looking for the right composition or tessellation, but rather for an unexpected image: intuitively, she works towards a form as yet unknown to her.

Stella de Kort's work concentrates mainly on the detail. The whole that gradually emerges thus becomes an accidental form. It is within the framework of the paper that can help determine this form, and this leads her to push this boundary and look beyond. Stella de Kort uses multiple media such as two-dimensional, installation, animation and pop-ups, and sometimes in combination with each other.

Her aim is to make the viewer feel her eye for detail and experience in the same concentration and stillness that she experiences them. 




Stella de Kort
2009-2014 Gerrit Rietveld academie VAV (NL) 
2008-2009 Schrijversvakschool, Uilm scenario, proza (NL) 
2007-2008 Academie Artemis, styling (NL)
2006-2007 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, vooropleidng (NL)

Prizes, nominations
2016 Art Strabag Vienna (nomination) 
2015 Fiep Westendorp Stimuleringsprijs

Exhibitions (selection)
2021 De Aanschouw, Rotterdam (solo)
2020 Vilvoorde, Belgie (solo)
2019 Stad in Zicht. Stadsarchief Amsterdam, Amsterdam (group)
2019 Aanstormende talenten. de KunstKas, Aalsmeer (group) 
2019 Takkezooi. Kunsthuis 18, Den Haag (group)
2018 De chaos omarmd, Ijsselsalon, Zutpen (solo) 
2018 Pop inn Art, Amsterdam (group)
2017 Zomer expo Galerie Bart, Stevens kerk, Nijmegen (group) 
2017 Stock expo, Galerie Bart, Nijmegen (group)
2017 This art fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam (group) 
2017 Tekenmania XXL , WG kunst, Amsterdam (group) 
2016 Fiep Westendorp Stimulerings prijs, Hotel New York, Rotterdam (group) 
2016 This art Fair, Beurs van berlage, Amsterdam (solo)
2016 Fiep Westendorp expo, museum Nijenhuis kasteel, Zwolle (group)
2016 Fiep westendorp expo, museum de fundatie, Zwolle (group) 
2016 Verzameling Albert Wulffers, Gerard Reve, 503, Den haag (duo)
2015 Opendoek, LatarenVenster, Rotterdam (Uilm screening)
2015 Big draw, in de Lindenberg, Nijmegen (solo)
2015 De smeltkroes, Galerie Bart, Nijmegen (group)
2015 Kunsttraject, etalages in de Zeeheldenbuurt, Amsterdam (solo)
2015 I Amsterdam you Berlin, Johannes Evangelist-church, Galerie Bart, Berlin (group) 
2015 Dummy’s, WG kunst, Amsterdam (group)
2015 Move on, Kunsthal Kade, Amersfoort
2014 Art in red light, Beurs van berlage, Amsterdam (solo) 
2014 Nieuwe oogst, Galerie Bart, Nijmegen (group)
2014 Verse nieuwe, Galerie Bart, Amsterdam (group)
2013 The temporary department of time and space, W139, Amsterdam (group)
2013 Beyond Babylon, Rietveld Academie, Oude kerk, Amsterdam (group)
2013 European exchange acadmie (EEA) , Beelitz Heilstatten, Beelitz, Duitsland (group)
2012 OMG, Rietveld Academie, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam (group)
2012 A piece of paper, Gerrit rietveld acadmie, de Brakke Grond (group)

2020, Vilvoorde, over de boormachine met de burgemeester van Vilvoorde 
2020 krant vilvoorde HLN, over de boormachine met de burgermeester van Vilvoorde 
2018 voorpagina ,krant zutphen , over mijn werk in galerie de Ijsselsalon
2015 kunsttraject
2013 krant Beelitz, foto en info van mijn werk tijdens de Europen Exchange academie
2014 tijdschrift ei

Publicaties, opdrachten
2021 - 2017 VPRO Gids (covers, illustraties) 
2019 Stadsarchief Amsterdam
2018 Bonk Magazine (plattegrond)
2017 Parool (illustraties)
2017 Museum LAM 
2015 Ei Magazine

Samenwerking projecten
2021 rehearsing the revolution, stichting We are Space
2020 International Journal of Disaster Risk Reducation, Living Lab

Werk in beheer / collecties
Stadsarchief Amsterdam 
Museum Lam, Lisse 
Gassan Diamonds