Rob Bouwman 羅伯・包曼
The works of Rob Bouwman (b. 1981) specially created for Bug2 gallery consist of translucent patterns painted in color with oil paint on thick sheets of paper. The patterns consist of various painterly actions based on the imagination of a single crystallized paint stroke. The paint stroke as an image and as an action has been the starting point of his work for many years. His images create a tension between atmospheric impressions of light and the spatial illusion produced solely by the material nature of translucent colors and patterns on a clear surface. While our way of seeing becomes increasingly rushed and influenced by the use of the many digital media around us, painting demands something different. Another concept of temporality, a concept of being and duration. A concept that Bouwman represents through his abstract imagery, and one can wonder if that first momentary glance at the work is the right one.

Rob Bouwman lives and works in Haarlem. He studied at the Frank Mohr Institute and did two exchanges at Hunter College NYC. His work has been shown in multiple exhibitions both in the Netherlands and abroad. He has been nominated several times for the Royal Prize for Painting, received a working grant from the Mondriaan Fund in 2015/2016, and his work is now in several private and public collections.
羅伯・包曼 (沃爾登, 1981) 在厚紙上用油畫顏料繪製半透明圖案, 這些圖案由基於單一結晶繪畫筆觸想像的各種繪畫動作組成。多年來,作為圖像和動作的繪畫筆觸一直是他工作的起點。他的圖像在光的氛圍印象和空間幻覺之間創造了一種張力,完全立基於透明表面的圖案與半透明的顏料本身。雖然我們的觀看方式變得越來越匆忙,並受到我們周圍許多數位媒體使用的影響,但繪畫需要不同的東西——時間性的另一個概念,存在和持續的概念——包曼通過他的抽象意象所傳達的概念;人們可能會懷疑第一眼看到這幅作品的印象是否正確。
羅伯・包曼在哈勒姆生活和工作。他曾在弗蘭克摩爾研究所學習,並兩度前往紐約亨特學院交流。他的作品曾在荷蘭和國外的多個展覽中展出。他曾多次獲得皇家藝術獎提名,並於 2015/2016年獲得蒙德里安基金的工作資助,他的作品現已被多個私人和公共機構收藏。
Rob Bouwman
Sebastian Fath|Contemporary
2009-2011 Frank Mohr Institute MFA Painting, Groningen
2011 Hunter College MFA Program of exchange, New York
2004-2009 Minerva Academy BA, Groningen
2008 Hunter College MFA Program of exchange, New York

2024 Color - Sebastian Fath Contemporary. Mannheim
2024 We are all Entangled - Museum W. Weert (NL)
2024 Art Tainan - BUG2 Gallery. Taichung (TW)
2024 Into The Matrix - BUG2 Gallery. XinYing (TW)
2023 Art Taipei - BUG2 Gallery. Taipei (TW)
2023 TURBULENCE - Studio Omstand / concept: Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch. Arnhem (NL)
2023 Art Taichung - BUG2 Gallery. Taichung (TW)
2023 Re-Ecounter / i.c.w Emerson Kung Sheng Wang. Taipei (TW)
2023 View without a horizon - Vishal Artists Community / concept: Kees Bierman. Haarlem (NL)
2023 Connecting the future - Josilda da Conceição Gallery. Amsterdam (NL)
2023 Afternature, anticipation of change - DOTS Gallery. Belgrade (RS)
2023 As within, so without; as above, so below - BUG2 Gallery. XinYing (TW)
2023 Frosy Rainbows and other Dark Fantasies i.c.w Jan Maarten Voskuil - O68 Gallery. Velp
2023 Art Rotterdam - (Josilda da Conceição Gallery). Rotterdam
2023 Really Real - Josilda da Conceição Gallery. Amsterdam
2022 Lípa Art Collection - Luxfer Open Space. Česká Skalice
2022 WARP, Op-Art in screen print - Horizonverticaal Artspace. Haarlem
2022 Celebração - Josilda da Conceição Gallery. Amsterdam
2022 Fosty Rainbows - Sebastian Fath Contemporary. Mannheim
2022 Ballroom Project - (Josilda da Conceição Gallery). Antwerp
2021 Art Rotterdam - (Welikeart). Rotterdam
2021 Colours in the limited space - Josilda da Conceição Gallery. Amsterdam
2020 10 Years of HV - Horizonverticaal Artspace. Haarlem
2020 Groupshow - Singular Art / Gallery for contemporary Art. Nijmegen
2019 PAN Art Fair - Janknegt Gallery. Amsterdam
2019 Fresh Windows - Roger Katwijk Gallery. Amsterdam
2019 Take Away - DudokdeGroot Gallery. Amsterdam
2019 Time #2 – Janknegt Gallery. Laren
2019 Skin Deep - With Tsjalling Gallery. Groningen
2019 It’s a small world after all - Sebastian Fath Contemporary. Mannheim
2019 State of Play - CBK Emmen. Emmen
2018 First Show Off - Show Off Space. Rotterdam
2018 NO/TIME - Willem 2 Factory. Den Bosch
2018 'Setting action / Defining moment’ - C&H Gallery. Amsterdam
2017 Generation Portraits in Painting part 3 - Waterland Museum. Purmerend
2017 Border Areas - CBK Emmen, i.c.w De Passages. Emmen
2017 Echo's from De Stijl - 37PK Art platform. Haarlem
2017 Amsterdam Art Fair - C&H Gallery. Amsterdam
2017 Abstract Wall Paintings III - De Stijl 100 years. ACEC Art platform. Apeldoorn
2016 Art Rotterdam - Prospects&Concepts, Mondriaan Fund. Rotterdam
2016 Regenerate #2. A way of screen printing - Vish Hall Artist Community. Haarlem
2016 Royal Awards for Painting. Amsterdam
2016 Moving Modernism i.c.w Lucas Hoeben - Reuten Gallery. Amsterdam
2016 Regenerate #1. A way of screen printing - Horizonverticaal Artspace. Haarlem
2016 Artists of the gallery - C&H Gallery. Amsterdam
2016 LUW anniversary exhibition - 37PK Art platform. Haarlem
2016 Material Matters - Concordia Artspace. Enschede
2016 Edging Iris - C&H Gallery. Amsterdam
2016 RC Art Fair (Nieuwe Vide Artspace). Rotterdam
2015 20 Years of deferred value - Nieuwe Vide Artspace. Haarlem
2015 Launch, Studio Onvervalst - Horizonverticaal Artspace. Haarlem
2015 Small Image part 3 - Waterland Museum. Purmerend
2015 Get FED ART fair. Arnhem
2014 Dots That Go For A Walk - Art@Nuyens. Arnhem
2014 Royal Awards for Painting. Amsterdam
2014 All birds build nests - De Passages. Haarlem
2014 RAW Art Fair (MILK Artspace). Rotterdam
2014 'Without Pardon' i.c.w Vincent Uilenbroek - Horizonverticaal Artspace. Haarlem
2014 's Gravenhaarlem part 2. - Nieuwe Vide Artspace. Haarlem
2013 AIR9 Art in Red Light (MILK Artspace). Amsterdam
2013 Am Tisch ! i.c.w De-Passages - Schau Fenster. Berlin
2013 Royal Awards for Painting. Amsterdam
2013 New lending treasures 2013 - CBK. Groningen
2013 Post-Rotterdam - SANAA Gallery. Utrecht
2013 RAW Art Fair (MILK Artspace). Rotterdam
2013 RE: Art Fair. Rotterdam
2013 My love which is a building - 37PK Art platform. Haarlem
2012 Das Spectrum - IMG_SRC Collective. Utrecht
2012 VOL.22, p012012 - 37PK Art platform. Haarlem
2012 Transition [4] - MILK Artspace. Amsterdam
2012 Specific Groningen - i.c.w. K09 & Pretty Vacant. Groningen
2012 Salon#2 - WEP founding. Groningen
2012 Soul Machine - Location Z Villa Ockenburgh. Den Haag
2012 Outside the Lines 02 - The Factory. Eindhoven
2012 Transition [0] - MILK Artspace. Amsterdam
2011 The Importance of Being Frank, Graduation exhibition - Frank Mohr Institute MFA. Groningen
2011 Gasunie Art Price - Gasunie building. Groningen
2011 FMI Masters presents. - DEFKA. Assen
2010 Young Talent XXL - Westergas factory. Amsterdam
2010 Alternative Modernity - Frank Mohr Institute concept: Ingrid Commandeur. Groningen
2010 Young from Groningen - Anderwereld Gallery. Groningen
2010 Aah Liz!! - groupshow Mart House Gallery. Amsterdam
2010 Wallhouse #2 - Wallhouse. Groningen
2010 Stichting SIGN+. Groningen
2010 Art Rotterdam - (Mart House Gallery). Rotterdam
2010 Colour Matters part. 5 - K09. Groningen
2010 Black Matters - Mart House Gallery. Amsterdam
2009 Sweaty Handshakes, FMI Masters - DNA concept: Erik Tode & Jan Wattjes. Groningen
2009 Art-olive Young Talent Award - Westergas factory. Amsterdam
2009 Graduation exhibition - Minerva Academy BA. Groningen
2009 Showmaster - Minerva Academy concept: Roel Arkesteijn. Groningen
2008 The System - Hunter College MFA open studio's. New York
2008 Young Paint 5 - Minerva Academy concept: Ton Mars. Groningen

Work Contribution Young Talent - Mondriaan Fund, 2015/2016

Royal Awards for Painting 2016, nominated
Royal Awards for Painting 2014, nominated
Royal Awards for Painting 2013, nominated
Gasunie Art Price 2011, nominated
Art-olive Young Talent Award 2009, nominated

Publications, texts and articles:
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Other activities:
2015 Guest teacher Projectweek, Zonder Pardon' - Minerva Academy. Groningen
2014 Guest curator - As art as can be. Haarlem
2014 Initiator Frank Mohr alumni exhibition series, Mohr Mohr Mohr. Haarlem
2014 Guest teacher Frank Mohr Institute. Groningen
2013 Guest teacher Minerva Academy. Groningen
2012 Artist-talk 37PK Art Platform. Haarlem
2012 Artist-talk Horizonverticaal Artspace. Haarlem
2012 Artist in residence VOL.22 - 37PK Art platform. Haarlem